Jumat, 14 April 2017

Ask an Expert

Assalamualaikum. Wr. Wb.

It’s me, again. In this occasion, I’ll tell you about my friend, Rizky. Rizky is a talented writer and he often join many writing competition. I know him since college because we are classmates. Since I also want to be a writer, having a writer friend is so delightful. It feels like I have somebody to share about what I write, and we will be useful for other people by using our writing.

By this time, I choose him to become my source of information because he is so inspiring for me and I think that other people will be inspired too. While doing the interview, there were some questions I asked to him, and I’ll just write it down for you below. Please enjoy!

Rana (RA) : What makes you interested in writing?
Rizky (RI) : I like writing because I think I have the freedom to express myself. I also can write any aspiration by writing, like critics, advice or any other else.

RA : What thing that inspired you to write?
RI : The seniors and people with great achievement around me or around the world. They give me big influence to make me want to write more and more.

RA : What kind of writing do you want to be published?
RI : I’m interested in comedy books. I think that kind of book might entertain people and help them to feel better because it’ll make them laugh a lot.

RA : How do you improve your writing skill
RI : I have some tips I do to improve my writing skills. First, I join some activites that have connection with writing for example MSI and LISMA. Second, I join some competitions where there I also learn how another competitor make their products. Third, advice from seniors, lecturers, friends or anyone that help me develop myself.

RA : How does your close friends or family support you?
RI : Alhamdulillah my family, lecturers, and friends support me a lot. They like what I do and told me to do more.

RA : What do you expect from your skill for other people?
RI : With my writing skill, I hope that I can inspire many people and help to build Pontianak city. I also hope that I can earn some money and I can go around the world free. Even, now I’m on my best to write a social essay for a scholarship. Insha Allah by this skill I also could get free college payment.

Well, those are some questions I asked and answered by Rizky. Thank you for reading. I hope that it’ll inspire you to write more or at least try to write more. See you later in another post.

Wassalamualaikum. Wr. Wb

Sabtu, 01 April 2017

1. In what ways will robots make  our lives better in the future ? In what ways will they make our lives worse ?

Answer : Robots make our lives better in the future because it isn’t waste the energy and   time , then robots make our lives worse because they make people lazy to do their job.

2. What kinds of robots would you like to see ?

Answer : The robots who can protect us from dangerous people.
         Paragraph 1 : He compares home robots today with personal computers 30    years ago.
         Paragraph 2 : - First , robots need a brain - a computer.
                               - Microsoft developed an operating system that could work on different 
                                  kind of computers
          Paragraph 3 :  - We will have time to do the things we love
                                 - If weare alone , they will keep us company and entertain us

           1. C ( Robots in the home )
           2. A ( Robots will improve our lives in may ways )

            1. A ( All technology has done is to make our lives busier and more dependent on machines                                   
                      than ever )

              Going beyond the text 
We don’t agree if a robot becomes an airlines pilot because the secure of robots can hacked with the dangerous people.
We don’t agree if a robot becomes a cook ,  because robot can’t taste what the human taste
We don’t agree if a robot becomes a doctor , because the robots can’t give a details about a patient problem
We agree if a robot becomes a police officer , because robot can fear to rule of law
We don’t agree if a robot becomes a singer , because robot can feel about the meaning of song
We don’t agree if a robot becomes a store clerk , because it will increase  the unemployment
We don’t agree if a robot becomes a taxi driver , because robot can’t do interaction with the human
We don’t agree if a robot becomes a teacher , because human make a robots , so its impossible if robot teach the human

Kamis, 30 Maret 2017

I Can't Imagine Life Without......

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb

          Haiii guys , how are you today ? welcome back to my blog  , few weeks ago I’ve told you about two things , now I will tell you something different . We as human will always need someone else because we are social creature . Beside we also need the thing to support our daily life . In which we cannot get rid of it. For example : our primary needs that is clothes , food and house , and also our secondary and our tertiary need.

          I think there are lots of things that we cannot live without. For example : electricity , education , chemistry , etc . Now I will tell you about the education . I think we cannot get rid of it because education is our tool to make our life better than before . By having high educational level , people will life comfortably , form good personality and also remove stupidity .

          Education has many ways to do , like study in some education all level , study from social media , from the nature , etc . Every people have their right to have high education but most people think that only the rich can get high education . But infact many unwealthy people can study in many countries if they have strong will to reach their dreams.

          When people think that education is just a piece of cake it means that people have no will to have better life because by education our life will be easier.Continue our study is not only depends by the money but also to form good personality.

          Education cannot go without another knowledge because eventhough we are expert in one branch of knowledge . As a wise word says the best human is the one who study for him self and teach it to somebody else.

          Those things are the reason why I said people cannot life without education. Once I read that people who did’nt make themselves useful for others and themselves . That’s all of us have enthusiasm to study as much possible and has good academic , religion and character knowledge .

          Thank you for reading my post . Please don’t get bored . See you another post.

Jumat, 17 Maret 2017

My Skill

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb 

Haiii , guysss Before , I’ve told you about why I continue my study to the university , and now I will tell you about my skill . What is a skill ? Does your skill will bring you to success ? In my opinion , skill is something natural and everybody have it . We can’t make our skill develop easily , what we have to do is to dig it more to make us become extraordinary.

Before I get university , I don’t know anything about my skill  , from academic field , sports or even art , I think none of them suits me . I started to know myself from the university , one thing that I want to know is about writing , I don’t know why but I feel interested in it. At first , there was a writing competition by chemistry association . When I made it , the thing  that I was thinking about is write something that will be useful for others .

Alhamdullilah I have an incredible tutor with very great national product .She is the one that gives me inspiration in writing . One thing that’s very disturbing is the laziness . Laziness is common for everybody , but how do we get rid of it is something that need big passion and intention to do.

There its one more thing that I want to develop that is cooking . Actually I’m not really good at cooking , but I wan’t to be able to cook just life restaurant’s food . Any skill we have , if we do and develop it with good intention , InsyaAllah we will be successful and useful to others . Remember , skill is one of the starting points to gain success.

Rabu, 15 Maret 2017


Haii guysss , Now  I want to tell you about adverb , adverb has four different types:

*      Adverb of MANNER (To answer question HOW)
                 Slowly, carefully, fast,well, beautifully,quickly, etc
*      Adverb of TIME (To answer the question WHEN)
                 Today, tomorrow, yesterday,on Monday, in 1997, on July,at 7.30, etc
                    In = for year
                                 On = for month and day
                    At = for hour
*      Adverb of PLACE (To answer the question WHERE)
                  Here, there, in Pontianak, on Jalan Ahmad Yani, at UPT Bahasa Untan, etc
                         In = for city or state
                         On = for name of street
                         At = for a place more specific
*      Adverb of FREQUENCY (To answer the question HOW OFTEN)
                  Always, sometimes, never,once, twice, etc

          Thank you for reading my post , see you the next post

Senin, 13 Maret 2017

Words Definitions

Adopt      : To begin to use or have ( a different , manner , method , etc )

Effort      : A serious attempt to do something

Aid         : To provide what is useful or necessary

Force      : Power or violence used on a person or thing

Career    : A job or profession that someone does for a long time

Oppose   : To try to stop or defeat ( something )

Code       : A set of letters , numbers , symbols , etc that is use to secretly send messages to someone

Potential  : Capable of becoming real

Doubt     : To believe that ( something ) may not be true or is unlikely

Serve      : To give the service and respect due to ( a superior )

Jumat, 03 Maret 2017

Resume : Robots in the Home

        In the past 24 hours , I used many electronic devices . They are smartphone , laptop , rice cooker , refrigerator , washing machine and fan . Now days , robots used only to do the things that human cannot do for example bomb squad robot or robotic planetary rovers . In the future I want robot to do many daily chores so human can spend there time to be more productive . I think they are certain things we should do for our self . They are eating , getting in shape , socializing and having families . Because as human being we cannot live without others . That's why we need to do them ourselves